Why study Holistic Nutrition?


Nutraphoria Review and Disclaimer:

This is my honest review of Nutraphoria School of Holistic Nutrition, their Tier 1 program, Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach, & their Tier 2 program, Advanced Holistic Nutritionist! I may earn a small percentage in return for speaking with you and giving my honest review. Go to my contact page and send me a message so we can connect!


When I finished my Health Coaching course, I was pumped! I could help so many with my skills in behaviour change, my background as a registered health professional and educator, and passion for living WHOLE. Although I loved my coaching course, which at the time was only for health pros that had a registration, I found I wanted more in the nutrition area. Oh yes, I could research, read all the books, and peer reviewed articles. I have those skills and they come in handy but I wanted a formal course!

I attended live open houses, and had online consults from schools all over North America.

Nutraphoria fit the bill for me hands down! I knew going in that I would be taking courses to upgrade as time passed, and their affordable program gave me what I needed to round out my knowledge.

Nutraphoria for the win!