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Change the Way
You See Your Plate … and Ultimately, Yourself.


Do you …

  • Wake with good intentions to eat “healthy” for the day, only to give in by noon?

  • Find yourself finishing food you NEVER INTENDED to start?

  • Wonder if you are an Emotional Eater?

  • Eat when stressed?

  • Get mad at yourself when you eat the “bad” foods?

I did too.

I graduated with honours in the skill of over-filling my plate, literally and figuratively.

Too many tasks, left me feeling stressed, tired and hugging the fridge. 


Hello, My name is Tanya...

I am a Mindful Eating and Women’s Health Coach, as well as a Dental Hygienist. I joke that I became a Health Coach to battle my hormones and #ironic sugar issues. I battle the ravages of sugar professionally, but personally … that’s a different story!


I have been obsessed with FOOD, in wonderful ways and destructive ways.

At times, I have felt like a slave to food.

But I LOVE food, and what it brings.

Family, Creativity, and Friends.

Connection, Nourishment and Community.

The Kitchen UNITES.




The kitchen also CONFLICTS.
With body image, hunger and feelings.



Food is love. food can also cause fear.

Mindful Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT) brought me Peace and Perspective around food.

It welcomed me as the individual that I am.

And I want to give that to you, right here, right now.

The practice of Mindful Eating and Meditation has changed the way I see my plate, and myself.

I know it can change the way you see yours too.

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