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When is it YOUR turn?


A question for all women, smashed between kids, parents, menopause and CHANGE.


Are you asking yourself …


Where is my willpower?

Why can’t I remember ANYTHING anymore?

Why am I so unhappy?

Will I ever be able to eat things I want?

Why doesn’t may husband understand?

When will the hot flashes STOP ALREADY?


Lady, stay right HERE

BE who you are, right now, in the body you are in.

CREATE space & worth, for being 50 + femme, even if you aren’t feeling so femme anymore.


And it isn’t just creating balanced hormones.

It’s having the mindset and tools in place to embrace the inevitable change the body, and the family, goes through.

You’re losing your hair, maybe your parents, and it feels like you’re losing your mind.

Where do you turn when you feel like your foundation is crumbling and your husband


You can hang with your friends, and talk natural remedies all day long
(yes, I love them, I’m a Holistic Health Coach)

Or …


Give yourself Permission.


It’s your turn, after all!


Let’s zero in on YOU for a hot minute.

Kids, parents, and yes, let’s say it

the Better Half

can feel like child #4



I’ve been there … trust me

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Remember when our kids were small.
How tired we felt? We couldn’t WAIT to get through THAT stage just to get some sleep!

Then, they decide to grow up, stay out late. We’re up again at night, waiting, while being mad at the dirty kitchen.

Our bodies decide to do the natural thing and transition into peri, and then menopause.

At the same time, your parents need you, your youth is going in the opposite direction, your kids are still home …


You’re not just EXHAUSTED.


You are lost. You feel invisible. Your body is stressed, you’re mind is on overdrive.

You don't like how you look, and your kids give you the evil eye whenever you sweat in public.

You ask yourself, “Is this all there is?”

NO, my friend.

“When is it MY turn?” you keep asking.

No one is answering. No one is listening.



I’m listening


I hear you, I’ve been you.

Give yourself permission.

Say yes, to good food, AND to Building a Better Menopause. Say yes to YOU.

You don’t NEED anyone’s permission …


… except your OWN.


Say YES, to yourself.
Join my Conscious Community of Women! Whats a conscious community?
A place to wake up your senses and sense of self.

You realize YOUR happiness depends on YOURSELF, but you just need a sisterhood.

We share Mindful Eating, Holistic Health, and all things femme, with the Woman who wants to BUILD A BETTER MENOPAUSE by making Peace with HERSELF, while she tackles the practical stuff like food, hormones, WEARING ALL THE HATS
while running around with sweaty parts!

Make Peace with your changing body, & changing mind, at this time of life we call Menopause.

It’s time to nourish all parts of YOU.

Start to come out from under the covers.


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