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My name is Tanya and I have had years of experience in hugging the fridge, overfilling my plate and eating my stress.

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If you read my home page, you know about my food thing:)

Cooking, creating. eating.

over eating.

There were days I couldn’t stop eating.

The worst was when I became a single mom. The one coping mechanism I always fell back on was:


Add years of diet culture and body worry, I stayed obsessed with the mirror, no matter my pant size. I always had a monkey, or some Haagen Daz, on my back. Inside, I still felt inadequate. Becoming a Mindful Eating Teacher taught me that I am not a failure because I ate some ice cream.


 I help you discover the REAL reasons behind your eating (and dieting) using Mindful Eating tools and coaching expertise focused on nourishment of your whole self.

I ENCOURAGE your confidence to make your OWN choices and decisions around food, and your lifestyle, so that you never have to revolve in a diet door again.

My Website contains recipes to encourage cooking and experimenting. I love whole food creativity, and I love the flavours that are created in plant based cooking!

I also live with omnivores. I have mouths and tastes to satisfy. I have cooked so many ways, so many things, I can’t wait to share them with you in my EAT section!


Contact me, and schedule FREE 30 minute Mindful Eating Session.


back on track bundle

4 private sessions for savvy self changers, and those who need to reboot their foundation.


Foundation bundle

8 private sessions for laying a lasting foundation for your longevity.


mind, meet food

Mindful eating connects with food fun!

A deep dive into food, fridge hugging and more, using mindful eating with group coaching and weekly phases.

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I’m creating my Mindful Eating Mini Series  for your inbox, for your table, and for your life.

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I love to get to know a person, don't you? You can check out my blog or Facebook page to see more of who I am. (That's what I do if I want to work with someone, I totally snoop them out!). 

Please, consult your doctor or mental health professional before undertaking any advice, program, from here or anywhere else! Your whole health is of the utmost importance. If you have a health condition, talk to your care provider about anything you plan to undertake.