What if …

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it’s not just about the food?


You think the key to longevity is about food and exercise. Hint: It’s not.

It’s a part, yes, but it’s not the whole enchilada. Or Taco. Or veggie burger.


think this mindful stuff is too “out there”?

Mindful eating is a practice we will use together, with habit coaching, and real food approaches, to get to the root of your stress eating.

Dial down stress, and choose food, and a lifestyle, that fits YOU.

YEs, this includes fun food:)

Stop fridge hugging.

Let your Mind Meet Food. And your body EAT food.


As a Mindful Eating and Women’s Health Coach, I support a non-diet, whole foods mentality, using my Habit Change methods, & Mindful Eating based tools, to decrease your fridge hugging, and increase your life empowerment meter.



Mind Meet Food Mini


4 Session Package

$300 CAD

Interested in trying a mindful eating & non diet approach to enhance your lifestyle? Spend 4 sessions with me, first session 90 minutes, to set some foundations towards longevity.

Together we narrow your needs in food, habits, body image, mindset and mindful eating, hormones, or just making tacos. Vegan or otherwise.
Non-Judgemental awareness remember? 🤓

Not sure? I always chat with you FIRST to check our compatibility, and maybe swap a recipe:)


Mind Meet Food Foundation

8 session package

$600 CAD

Dive deeper with 8 sessions of targeted habit shifts to create sustainable change. 8 sessions gives you time to test, tweak and sustain the actions we co-create for YOU.

Includes 90 minutes for your first session, & once ‘TWEAKLY” meetings to build skills, review what works and make sure your experience is sustainable. As with all my coaching experiences, we pull from my toolkit of change strategy, mindfulness, stress eating, stress management and food foundations to create your unique blueprint.

For: those who desire more time & targeted support for follow through and consistency.


Mind, Meet Food Group Program

Mind, Meet Food

September 2019


You are what you eat, yes. And what you DIGEST.

You are also what you think. and that may be someone else’s story.

Isn’t it time to write a new story? choose your own narrative?

I bring the Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Training, developed by Jean Kristeller and taught to me by Andrea Lieberstein, PLUS Emotional Eating Awareness skills, and blend this with a Whole Food approach, online with the 12 week MIND, MEET FOOD, group program (dates to be announced).

Pop on the mailing list here, grab your mini class, and be notified when the program starts!

Weekly group calls, with action tools and steps to have you thinking differently, and MINDFULLY, about your plate, and your life.