it’s about the Hormones,

and it’’s not


What if this Menopause Mystery has a bigger picture?

Yes, I know, we do want to talk about hot flashes, a changing body,
and the middle aged weight changes.
What about the stuff no one wants to really get down about?

Sandwiched between kids, parents, career and feeling invisible?
Experiencing loss, change and shift at a time when the road ahead seems so much shorter than the road behind.

What if Menopause (and post menopause) could be about SISTERHOOD?


Finding peace and purpose, with our bodies and with LIFE!

Eating what we want, truly enjoying it, feeling satisfied.

Working on vitality and longevity without the guilt.

Discovering our TRUE ROLE?

And yes, managing hot flashes

I know we are mothers, partners, sisters, daughters, WOMEN.

At 50 we realize we are MORE.

We want more. We deserve MORE.


It’s finally our turn.

My name is Tanya and I use Mindful Eating, and
Menopause support to empower women to build a better menopause.

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Curious about coaching?

4 Session Package  $300 CAD

4 Session Package

$300 CAD

Increase your life empowerment meter.

4 sessions, (90 minutes for the 1st) to build YOUR better Menopause.
Begin Your Better Menopause, make Peace with Food.

Food, habits, body image, mindset & mindful eating, hormones,
or just making tacos. Vegan or otherwise.

Not sure?


8 session package  $600

8 session package


Life Empowerment, doubled.

8 sessions, (90 minutes for the 1st) Really dig in to a better menopause. Remember with 1:1 coaching, YOU are the driver.

Pull from my toolkit of habit hacking, holistic wellness, Mindfulness Eating, stress management and learning to make choices that nourish ALL of you, to create your unique toolkit.



Beta test $149

Beta test $149

You’ll start Monday, right?

That is so 90’s, worthy one.

Bring Mindful Eating, and a Whole Body approach, into your life.

Join My Conscious Community, group program,
MIND, MEET FOOD . A 30 day foundation in Mindful Eating.

Starts September 17th, 2019.

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