Balanced Health Scan: Using Body Data to make Mindful Choices

How do you create Balanced Health?

By going to the health food store and guessing at supplements?

By reading blogs, and internet findings?

There’s nothing wrong with that but … what if you could dig a little deeper into toxins, food sensitivities, and organ systems. What if you could see what system is stressed BEFORE you purchase something to make sure that you are targeting the issue properly?

What about doing a Balanced Health Scan! A very simple collection of hair, or nails and saliva.

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WHY this scan, and WHAT is it anyway?

Balanced Health was developed by a lady Samantha Stupak, who had her own chronic health issues, and her story is what piqued my curiosity. I completely identified with her. Besides having an engineering degree, being a nutritionist and holistic practitioner, she also has suffered with chronic illness.

I have 2 chronic health issues, one affecting a major organ in my body. That’s just what I know about right now.

Being 53 you never know what’s going to creep up and good health is a combo of genetics, environment, mindset, happiness, food, and social interactions, to name just a few.

We all want to live fully, and LONG, if we can, and I am trying to optimize my menopausal years. 

In keeping with my motto at 53 that it’s my turn, I am taking care of me.

You can a Balanced Health Scan at ANY AGE.

Don’t put yourself on the back burner like I did taking care of everyone but me. I was working, running around like a crazy person and I just HAD to run 5-10 k 5 days a week. I ended up bonking my immune system and was blindsided by a reactivation of Epstein Barre virus. I ended up with acute hepatitis, an enlarged spleen, 2 misdiagnoses and a penicillin allergy.

I looked and felt like crap and I have lasting effects from this time of my life.

Mindful Eating teaches us to blend outer knowledge with what we know about our own selves. This scan is a way to get a bird’s eye view of my body systems and match what I know to be true about ME.

What is this scan anyways?

I have been to a Naturopathic Doctor many times in my life and have done a hand held scan. They are called many different things, but the whole premise is that your Naturopathic Doctor picks up internal organ distress, sensitivities, etc., via the skin.

Trivia alert

The originator of this type of thing may have Reinhold Voll, a German physician, who invented the Dermatron, a system that uses electrodes to measure these imbalances through the skin.

This was part of the overall treatment from the Naturopath I saw at the time, not the whole diagnostic, but it was interesting!

For me, I like the fact that physical things about my body can be tested.

I also want to know ALL I CAN about myself, and empower myself to feel better ESPECIALLY at this time of my life, where health concerns INTERSECT aging, joy and mobility.

If you’ve done a food sensitivity test, and I’ve done both the IgG test and the IgE skin prick test, they can run around 450 and up.

I am curious to see how my allergies line up, or how I have changed, cause we do change. And thats the human experience. 

We need to change with seasons of the year AND our seasons in life:)

This company also owns Pet Medella and they do scans for pets as well! Holistic Pet wellness is an important topic. If we are looking to decrease our toxic load, have sustainable practices on this earth, the pet industry needs people to support more sustainable and natural pet health too.

My follow up:

Will include a chart with 14 systems scanned. 

  • My top 3 stressed organs, 

  • Hormone balance 

  • Mold 

  • Parasites 

  • Metals (in dentistry, so I am MORE THAN curious) 

I have significant cyclical hair loss, and I’ve been told everything from “you’re just getting old” to “be happy you’re not really sick.” Ok, I am grateful I am not terminally ill. I just didn’t think 35 was to be labelled old.

I’ve been thinking about metals in my system for a long time, dentistry aside. I am excited to see my results!

I will share some of them here and more detail in my Conscious Eating Community. A place for women who are looking to eat mindfully, and build a more holistic menopause.

It’s your turn, sweets.

You are your own expert, in health, and in life.

Until my scan results, if you want to try a Balanced Health Scan, use the coupon code MINDFOOD.

Let me know what you think!


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