Warm Quinoa with Tofu and Cranberry Dressing

Quinoa and Tofu, an unlikely pair?

Perhaps you’re not a tofu fan, but still want to use up your cranberry sauce! Click here to get my cranberry vinaigrette recipe ☺️

Quinoa, easily found in bulk at Costco and other places, is a simple grain to prepare. According to Dr. Elson Haas, in his book, Staying Healthy With Nutrition, quinoa is more related to beets and other leafy greens, like spinach. Green or grain, quinoa has a balanced amino acid profile, phytonutrients, calcium, B vitamins, and lots of protein.

Rinse your quinoa before cooking to remove the coating it carries, called saponin.

Tofu takes on flavours nicely, and blends with many foods and spices. I often marinate it and toss it in stir fry, or grill it in slices. It is easy to find non-GMO tofu in the supermarket.

When served warm, with some walnuts, onions, garlic and diced peppers, these two plant foods spell cold weather comfort! Switch up your veggie content and use what you have on hand. Broccoli makes a nice colourful substitution, and when chopped super fine, becomes kid friendly!

Just click on the picture below to access a printable recipe!