What to use instead of eggs?

How to substitute an egg? Flax, applesauce, chia seed …  grab your egg replacement cheat sheet!

How do you substitute an egg? What do you use INSTEAD of an egg in baking, if you have an egg allergy, or choose to forgo eggs altogether? If you’re looking to sub in for your daily scramble, flax won’t cut it, but silken tofu will!

If you are like my co-worker, or my daughter, the smell and idea of eggs is NAUSEATING! If you are incorporating a plant-based lifestyle, you may be decreasing animal products from what you eat.

Whatever your reason, my goal is to provide options and recipes for all kinds of eaters. As a Mindful Eating coach, I do not want to label food, good or bad. As a health professional I understand each person is unique and to be treated as such.

As a health coach, I know people choose to eat a certain way, or …

They may have an egg allergy.

Either way, if you’re looking to cook without eggs, I have some tips for you!

Eggs are used to:

  • Bind

  • Leaven

  • Moisturize

  • Provide rich flavour

  • Thicken

  • Stabilize

You can even use tofu in place of scrambled eggs.

But not all substitutes will do all things. You can’t use tofu for an egg wash!

It’s obvious that eggs can provide a lot of good cooking chemistry, but if you can’t eat ‘em, what to use? Here’s some ideas, and if they resonate with you, grab the egg replacing cheat sheet here.

  1. Puree of Fruit or veggie.
    Fruit can be used in place of eggs where you want a binding quality. Applesauce, banana, sweet potato, even prunes can be used in a muffin recipe, for example. Fruit will not provide leavening, however. To do that you need to add 1/2 tsp to 1/4 cup of your chosen fruit or veggie.

  2. Egg Replacer.
    You can purchase egg replacer for substituting. Add water and make sure to whisk thoroughly.

  3. Flax seed.
    Ground flax is a great substitute for eggs. It is quite versatile, however it won’t leaven your food.

  4. Chia seed.
    High in fatty acids alpha linoleic and linoleic, as well as fibre, chia seeds absorb water to make a gel substance that can replace eggs. It makes a great pudding! Learn more about chia here.

  5. Yogurt.
    Whether you choose cow’s milk, or vegan yogurt, this will bind and moisten your food.

Not ready to try egg free baking yet? Just want to give up the morning egg breakfast and switch things up? Try this chia pudding recipe for breakfast. It’s as easy as overnight oats!

Grab your egg replacing cheat sheet!