What is Mindful Eating?

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Let’s start off by saying mindful eating ISN’T just chewing slow, nor is it a diet. Mindful Eating creates awareness around your food, your choices, your thoughts, and your body!

Mindful Eating is the perfect tool for the midlife woman, who may want her cake and her health too.

When you practice eating mindfully, you tune in to the signals your body has always been giving you. We lose those signals when we ignore our bodie’s true hungers.

Ignoring those true hungers has us over feeding them later.

What are true hungers? Check that out here.

The evidence-based MB-EAT program, (Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Training), was developed to help binge eaters, originally.

And if you’re over 50, chances are, like me, you’ve had more than one dance with a bag of cookies!

By using components of this program, I show you how to create a PAUSE between your thoughts and actions. This pause offers you some space to make conscious choices, to serve your goals, your body, and your soul.

We think about our soul a lot more at 50:)

When we are still looking for the quick OUTSIDE fix in health and weight, Mindful Eating can set us on a path to permanent and sustainable change that incorporates nourishing choices, and a little wiggle room for the moments that nourish our memories, and emotions. 

Cake moments 

Mindfulness is rooted in the realization that when we ignore what we are seeing, touching, or eating, it is as if it does not exist
— Jan Chozen Bays, MD - Mindful Eating, A Guide to rediscovering a healthy and joyful relationship to food

Mindful Eating incorporates joy, curiousity, presence, flexibility, awareness, discovery, which in turn can give you back some FREEDOM and FUN around the food you eat.

You will use all your senses, and tune in to what’s on your plate, and what is happening in your body. You will enjoy every taste, smell, texture, and really acknowledge your hunger level.

Mindful Eating is not just slow eating.

It involves paying KIND attention to your self, and your choices around food.

A lot of us have a hard time with mindful LIVING, never mind Mindful Eating.

We live in a rush-rush culture.

Do you sometimes arrive somewhere in a daze, wondering how the heck you got there? When it comes to food, grabbing whatever we can to fill the void leaves us undernourished in body, and in soul.

We all mindlessly eat. We all have hit the bottom of the chip bag so soon we didn’t even taste the chips!

When you practice eating mindfully, you will find that you close that chip bag feeling satisfied with less.

Or you may not open that chip bag at all!

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Bays, Jan Chosen, Mindful Eating, A Guide to Discovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship to Food Shambala Publications 2009.


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