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the mind, meet food community

MIND, MEET FOOD is a FREE online community, to help the 50+ woman begin the Peace Process, with food, herself and the road ahead. We chat Real Food, Holistic Health, & full on Acceptance.

Please, come on in.


Mind Meet Food, the Community Program.


Mind Meet PEACE 101

  • Stress.

  • Stop the diet culture, Start Self Choosing.

  • Mindful Eating Basics.


Mind Meet & WHOLE SELF 101:

  • Nourish all parts of you: WHAT?

  • Gut Health and Mindful Eating.

  • The Emotional Food View.


Mind Meet FOOD CHOICE 101

  • Pausing and Choice.

  • Full ❤️ Full Life Decisions.

  • Learn your triggers


Mind Meet CHANGE 101

  • Building goals.

  • Busting barriers.

  • Breaking old patterns.

  • Building Full ❤️ Full Life Purpose.


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Is it legitimate (yes, it IS Accredited)?

Is there support?

Is the information up to date?

Is it evidence based?

What is the cost?

How long does it take?

Is it just reading online?
Is it user friendly? I am not high tech.

Would you take it again?

Where do I go once I graduate?

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